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Northern Rhodesiana collage. Click to see the full-size image. In the heart of central Africa, a frontier spirit engendered a hardy breed. Hard work and a generous land greatly contributed to the prosperity of all the subcontinent.

We shared a very special time and place. Through this medium we've been able to reconnect again and to share our memories of the remarkable Northern Rhodesian experience.

The diaspora of Northern Rhodesians has scattered our small stock far and wide across the planet -- from South Africa to Iceland, Hong Kong to Zimbabwe, North America to Australia, the British Isles to New Zealand... Northern Rhodesians WorldwideSM.

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Northern Rhodesian flag. The original plans of the Great North Road were in the hearts and minds of the early pioneers who headed off in search of adventure and a better life. The Great North Road may well have been intended to run from Cape Town to Cairo, but for most of us it only went as far as just north of the Zambezi, for there was the Promised Land.

As far as remnants being visible anywhere other than in Zimbabwe, you only have to read this message board to see that there are pieces of it in Texas and San Francisco, Perth and Hong Kong, Krugersdorp and Cape Town, the British Isles and New Zealand. You see, it's far more than just a road; it represents a way of life that all of us were privileged to live.

--Lynthia (Eldridge) Nadauld, Mogale City, South Africa, 6 August 2001.

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