Northern Rhodesians WorldwideSM

Northern Rhodesiana collage. In the heart of central Africa, a frontier spirit engendered a hardy breed. Hard work and a generous land greatly contributed to the prosperity of all the subcontinent.

We shared a very special time and place. Through this medium we've been able to reconnect again and to share our memories of the remarkable Northern Rhodesian experience.

The diaspora of Northern Rhodesians has scattered our small stock far and wide across the planet -- from South Africa to Iceland, Hong Kong to Zimbabwe, North America to Australia, the British Isles to New Zealand ... Northern Rhodesians WorldwideSM.

The GNRSM is in the shop

All of the member-contributed material on the Great North RoadSM website will be back. It is not available right now because the old server had to be shut down, but everything is backed up and will be put back online, probably in an automatically-generated "static" format.

The one exception that remains available, because it is already an easily-transferable "static" website on its own sub-domain, is Dave's copy of The British South Africa Company Historical Catalogue & Souvenir of Rhodesia from the Empire Exhibition in Johannesburg, South Africa, 1936-37.

The best estimate that I can give, given other commitments at this time, is to have everything back by 31 January 2018. I know that this is far off, but I am committed to my long-time promise to keep this information online. I have every hope of getting it back before Christmas, but I'd rather give a realistic estimate than a hopeful one that I will likely miss.

I may add updates here as circumstances dictate.

Craig Hartnett
Lusaka, Zambia
30 August 2017

Northern Rhodesian flag. Zambian flag.

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