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The original intent of the Great North RoadSM website was to provide a forum for expatriates who lived in the British protectorate of Northern Rhodesia. Most of these people were only resident in the country up until or shortly after October 1964, when Zambia achieved its independence. Now there are many expatriates participating on the site who never lived in the country when it was Northern Rhodesia and don't consider themselves "Northern Rhodesians". Expat Zambians and current Zambian residents are welcome to join and take part in this site. In fact, we are honoured and delighted to welcome them as special members who had the courage to press on and try and continue the wonderful African life we felt we had to abandon. We would like expat Zambians and current Zambians to join us in the celebration of this wonderful place. After all, the Zambesi and the Kafue remain the same, the fish eagle still soars in the crystal clear blue sky under the same glorious African sun... it's the same country, only the logo has changed.

Anyone who has lived in Northern Rhodesia or Zambia is welcome to contribute anything they can to the growth of this site, including adding their information to the Names Directory.

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This site was started by Dave Cooper in 1996, is kept operational by he and Craig Hartnett, and hosting is sponsored by NinerNet Communications.

Any questions may be addressed to the site management.

Intellectual Property

"Great North RoadSM", "GNRSM" and "Northern Rhodesians WordlwideSM" are service marks of the Great North RoadSM.

The original graphics on this site and the concept of this site are copyrighted © (1995-2017) by Dave Cooper; all rights reserved. The website layout and design are copyrighted © (1996-2017) by the Great North RoadSM; all rights reserved. Contributions of individual articles, photographs, or other material are owned and copyrighted © by the individual contributors. For the most part, such contributions are recognised throughout the site. If you find something on the site that is not credited and you own the copyright, please contact us and we will investigate the apparent oversight.

The Great North RoadSM (also known as Northern Rhodesians WorldwideSM, hereafter referred to as the GNRSM) does not generally grant permission to others to use any of the material from this website on another website. However, a reasonable amount of quoting and attribution, along with a link to the home page of the GNRSM (, is encouraged and appreciated. Where material is credited to an individual, people or organisations seeking to use that material should contact the originator of that material for permission to reproduce said material. As a facilitator in the discovery of that material, the GNRSM requests that appropriate credit be given to the GNRSM. In all cases please contact us for information and instructions.

In the case of those wishing to use material from the GNRSM website for print publications (such as magazines, newspapers or books) or in any other medium, the GNRSM will consider all such requests on an individual basis. At no time, however, will the GNRSM grant permission to use material without the permission of the original creator if he or she can be contacted.

If you submit material to the GNRSM, by doing so you grant to the GNRSM permission to publish that material on the GNRSM website. As stipulated above, you continue to own the copyright on any material you have created. The GNRSM will not take it upon itself to grant permission on your behalf to others who wish to use your material. The only exception will be in any cases where the original creator cannot, for one reason or another, be contacted at the last known email address used by the creator, in which case the GNRSM may take any action it deems appropriate. You are, therefore, strongly urged to keep the email address in your Names Directory entry current.

In ALL cases involving proposed use of copyrighted material from this site, no matter how seemingly insignificant, whether on another website or in any other medium, you are obligated to contact the GNRSM in advance of any such use. We thank you in advance for your co-operation in this regard.


The site is best viewed with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Internet Explorer. While it will probably look fine in older versions of various browsers, you will need a browser that supports JavaScript, style sheets, frames and Flash to take full advantage of some features of the GNRSM.

For easiest viewing you will need a screen resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels (although 1024 x 768 looks much nicer), and a 16-bit colour setting will allow you to get the best reproduction of graphics, photographs and other images. Arial and Verdana fonts are used throughout and are available at the Microsoft Typography website if they are not already installed on your system, although they probably are.

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