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Lusaka News. Welcome to the electronic age. "Lusaka News" was started in 1991, from Toronto, by Ken Swan. The beginning was easy; Ken found a photograph of himself and some friends, at a wedding (Basil Payne and Avril Howgate) in 1963, at the Woodpecker Inn, Lusaka. He was determined to track down all these characters and he found them. Furthermore he sent the picture to all (one deceased) and suggested a newsletter be started to track down all those other "Lusakaites" who had once lived in pre-independence Lusaka and where the good life was every single breathing moment.

In 1991, Ken was employed and had a secretary to accumulate all the work. At that time the Internet was something businesses used if they were computer-qualified. Photos were trimmed and stuck on each page and photocopied. Each newsletter was copied (up to 20 pages each copy) and mailed around the world. As more people subscribed, without any price hikes, and as colour photos became more common, printing and copying costs became a real consideration. Missing a secretary was hard; after all Ken was now retired ... not as if he had any spare time.

And so, a website was born. Here you can read the latest version of "Lusaka News". You can print off a copy for your friends who don't have a computer. You can see all the photos in full colour. But ... for there to be a next issue, it is you the readers who need to send in pictures and news.

Click on my email address to the left and enter any news and attach any photos, and they will get to Ken, who will edit, arrange and comment, along with everyone else's news, and post it here for the next version for your enjoyment.

This is a new venture and it will grow as we all grow within the electronic environment. Also note that from this page you can link directly to the Great North Road (Northern Rhodesians Worldwide) -- a site for Northern Rhodesians in general.

Spread the word and keep this site as a favourite bookmark.


Current Issue (Volume IX, Issue 1)


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