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List of European Travellers in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland before 1890

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There are many records of men and women of European origin having been present before 1890 in the area covered by the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Where there is a trace of written record of such people, they are given in the list below. Where their journeys, in part or in whole, are shown separately on the map the names are in capitals on the list. Women are shown in all cases in italics. Other individuals may have followed one of the four main routes into the Federation. It has not been possible in many cases to show any departure from these routes from the records available, and in other cases where the information was available the scale of the map did not allow it. These routes are:
  1. The Zambezi Valley route used by the Portuguese.
  2. Hunters' Road from Bechuanaland through Inyati to the Hunyani.
  3. The Panda-ma-Tenga and missionary route to Barotseland, and
  4. The route to Nyasaland up the Shire Valley.

Acutt, Robert Noble S.R. 1869-71 Miner.
Adams, Alfred Ny. 1861-63 Gardener to mission party.
Alington, Rev. C. A. Ny. 1863-65 Missionary.
Allen, Brother Alfred S.R. and N.R. 1882-85 Missionary.
Alley, C. Ny. 1884 Mission carpenter.
Anderson, Andrew Arthur. (See page 34) S.R. and N.R. 1877 Trader.
Anderson, O. "Sandy" S.R. and N.R. 1870-78 Trader and hunter. Visited Victoria Falls.
Antoine, Brother Ny. 1889 Missionary.
Armstrong, - S.R. and N.R. 1876-89 Trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
ARNOT, FREDERICK STANLEY S.R. and N.R. 1882-1902 Missionary. Visited Victoria Falls.
Assunçăo, Filipe de S.R. 1696 Chaplain at Zimbaoe.
Auld, - Ny. 1889 Employee, African Lakes Corporation.
Ayres, Thomas S.R. 1880 Ornithologist.
Ayton, Trooper S.R. and N.R. 1886 Traveller to the Victoria Falls.
Bagger, Oswald S.R. 1878 Trader.
Bagley, Trooper John S.R. 1888 Police escort.
Bailey, Trooper -- S.R. 1889-90 Police escort.
Bailie, Alexander C. S.R. 1876 Labour Recruiter.
Bain, Rev. James Ny. and N.R. 1883-88 Missionary.
BAINES, THOMAS. (See page 60) S.R and N.R. 1862-71 Traveller and artist: Visited Victoria Falls. See also the Zambezi Expedition.
Baker, J. S.R. 1869 Mineralogist.
Baker, William Ny. 1875 Mission hand -- seaman.
Baker, -- S.R. 1888-89 Trader and concession hunter.
Balane, - S.R. 1889 Hunter.
BALDWIN, WILLIAM CHARLES. (See page 40) S.R. and N.R. 1860 Hunter and trader. Second visitor to Victoria Falls.
Ballantyne, William S.R. 1885 On Pioneer Roll.
Bannister, - S.R. 1886 Trader.
BAPTISTA, PEDRO JOSÉ N.R. 1806-10 Explorer, pombeiro or bondsman of Lt.-Col. Francisco Honoreta da Costa. Commander of the Fair of Casenga in Angola.
BARBER, FREDERICK HUGH S.R. and N.R. 1875-78 Hunter and artist. Visited Victoria Falls.
Barber, Henry Mitford S.R. 1877-78 Hunter. Brother of F. H. Barber.
BARRETO, FRANCISCO S.R. 1568-70 Soldier and administrator.
Barros, Jerónimo de S.R. 1628 Ambassador to Monomotapa.
Barry, Edward S.R. and N.R. 1862-63 Hunter and traveller to Victoria Falls.
Bauman, John S.R. 1889 Charter Company agent.
Beaulieu, Jacques S.R. 1869-70 Cook.
Beaumont, - S.R. 1889 Concession hunter.
Beck, Miss Janet Ny. 1887-91 Mission worker.
Belcher, R. Ny. 1889 Captain of mission steamer.
Bell, W. Ny. 1887-89 Employee, Central African Lakes Corporation.
Bell, C. S.R. 1870-76 Trader.
Bellingham, W. Ny. 1884 Mission layworker.
Beningfield, Reuben W. S.R. 1867-91 Trader.
Berghegge, Father Francis S.R. and N.R. 1880-81 Missionary.
Bethell, Lt. Alfred J. S.R. and N.R. 1886 Traveller to the Victoria Falls.
Betts, F. S.R. 1871 Trader.
Bezuidenhout, - S.R. 1870 Hunter.
Black, Dr. William Ny. 1875 Medical missionary.
Blair, J. A. Ny. 1863 Mission printer.
Blanch, Gustavus R. S.R. 1869 Hunter and trader.
Blockley, George S.R. and N.R. 1871-89 Trader and hunter.
BOCCARRO, GASPAR Ny. 1616 Traveller.
Bodle, Sgt. Maj. William (later Brig.-Gen.) S.R. 1888-1909 Police escort.
Boggie, Alexander. (See page 72) S.R. 1888-1910 Concession hunter.
Bohndorff, Friedrich N.R. and Ny. 1886 Trans-African explorer.
Bond, Henry S.R. and N.R. 1874 Traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
Booms, Father Henri S.R. and N.R. 1882-89 Missionary.
Borrow, J. H. S.R. 1888-93 Concession hunter.
Bothelo, Caetaneo N.R. 19th Cent. Governor of Feira de Zumbo.
Bottomley, George S.R. 1869 Prospector.
Bowie, Dr. John Ny. 1887-91 Missionary doctor. Brother of Mrs. H. Henderson and Mrs. D. C. Scott.
Bowie, Mrs. Ny. 1887-91 Wife of Dr. J. Bowie.
Bowler, L. P. S.R. 1888-89 Traveller.
Bowler, Mrs. S.R. 1888-89 Wife of Mr. L. P. Bowler.
Boyle, Frank S.R. 1887-88 Adventurer and concession hunter.
Bradshaw, Dr. Benjamin Frederick S.R. and N.R. 1872-83 Trader and physician. Visited Victoria Falls.
Bray, - S.R. 1887 Hunter and trader.
Brock, - S.R. and N.R. 1885 Traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
Broderick, Harold S.R. 1888-89 Concession hunter.
Broderson, C. W. S.R. and N.R. 1870 Trader.
Brookes, Arthur N.R. 1885 Mission artisan.
Brown, Alexander S.R. 1869-79 Miner and trader.
Brown, Mrs S.R. 1876 Wife of Alexander Brown. Daughter of Petrus Jacobs.
Browne, W.A. (See page 41) S.R. and N.R. 1871-80 Trader known as "Zambezi Browne".
Bryden, Henry A. S.R. and N.R. 1883 Trader.
Buchanan, David Ny. 1889 Planter, brother of J. Buchanan.
Buchanan, John Ny. 1876-96 Mission artisan, planter and later British Vice-Consul at Blantyre.
Buchanan, Moses Tertius S.R. 1888 Trader.
Buckley, T.E. S.R. 1873 Hunter.
BURNETT, EDWARD S.R. 1888-90 Traveller.
Burrup, Rev. Henry de Wint Ny. 1861-62 Missionary.
Burton, Stewart Ny. 1889 Employee, African Lakes Corporation.
Butcher, William H. Walter S.R. 1888 On Pioneer Roll.
Button, -- S.R. 1869 Hunter.
BYLES, H S.R. 1868-78 Hunter and trader.
Caiado, Antonio S.R. 1560 Trader.
Callaghan, G.B.B. Ny. 1884 Captain of mission.
Camelo, Antonio S.R. 1631 Trader.
CAMERON, Cmdr. VERNEY LOVETT, R.N. (See page 10) N.R. 1874 Explorer.
Cameron, -- S.R. 1877 Son of hunter-trader G. W. Cameron of Taungs.
Campbell, - S.R. 1869 Prospector. Leader of Australian party.
CAPELLO, HERMENIGILDO DE BRITO N.R. 1884 Naval officer and explorer.
Cardona, Antonio Maria S.R. and Ny. 1883-86 Explorer.
Carnegie, Rev. David. (See pages 34 & 53) S.R. 1882-1910 Missionary.
Carnegie, Mrs. D S.R. 1862 Daughter of W Sykes. Born in Matabeleland and wife of Rev D. Carnegie.
Carnegie, Alfred Alexander S.R. 1887 Son of Rev D. Carnegie. Born in Matabeleland.
Carnegie, Jessie Margaret (later Mrs. J.G.Lloyd) S.R. 1889 Daughter of Rev D. Carnegie. Born in Matabeleland.
Carnegie, William Arnold. (See page 38) S.R. 1886 Son of Rev D. Carnegie. Born in Matabeleland.
Carson, Alexander Ny. and N.R. 1886-96 Mission Engineer.
Carter, - S.R. 1870 Trader.
Carvalho, Diogo S.R. 1610 Trader.
Catonby, - S.R. 1877-78 Trader.
Chadwick, J. Cooper S.R. 1888-91 Hunter and concession seeker.
Chapman, Edward George S.R. 1860-88 Trader.
Chapman, E S.R. 1888 Son of E.G. Chapman.
CHAPMAN, JAMES. (See pages 40 & 41) S.R. and N.R. 1854-68 Hunter, trader, miner. Visited Victoria Falls.
Chase, Trooper -- S.R. 1889 Police escort.
Cherry, - S.R. 1888-91 Prospector.
Chirnside, Andrew Ny. 1879 Traveller.
Christie, Miss Margaret Ny. 1889 Mission worker.
Clairmonte, E. S.R. 1887 Hunter.
Clark, James Harrison N.R. 1887-1927 Settler. Known as "Changa Changa".
Clark, Richard Martin Ny. 1861-63 Mission artisan.
Clark, William Edward S.R. 1875096 Trader.
Clark, Richard S.R. 1854-78 Trader.
Clarkson, Matthew S.R. 1875-78 Trader and hunter.
Cleland, Rev. Robert Ny. 1887-90 Missionary.
Cluley, William S.R. and N.R. 1869-70 Australian miner, servant to E. Möhr.
Cockin, Rev. J. S.R. 1878-79 Missionary.
Cockin, Mrs. S.R. 1878-79 Wife of Rev. J. Cockin.
Cockin, Zoë S.R. 1878-79 Daughter of Rev. J. Cockin. Born in Matabeleland.
Cohen, Moss S.R. 1887-89 Trader.
COILLARD, REV. FRANCOIS. (See pages 10 & 39) S.R. and N.R. 1877-1904 Missionary. Visited Victoria Falls.
Coillard, Mrs. (See page 39) S.R. and N.R. 1877-91 Wife of Rev. F. Coillard. Visited Victoria Falls.
Coillard, Elise (Mrs. D. Jeanmairet). (See page 39) S.R. and N.R. 1877-90 Niece of Rev. F. Coillard and wife of Rev. D. Jeanmairet. Visited Victoria Falls.
Colenbrander, Johann. (See pages 35, 53 & 67) S.R. 1888-1900 Concession hunter.
Collins, - S.R. 1857 Trader.
Collison, H.C. S.R. 1875-85 Hunter and trader.
Colville, Henry S.R. and N.R. 1870 Trader.
Condon, George S.R. 1888-89 Concession hunter.
Connolly, - S.R. 1854 Trader.
Cooksley, John Skinner S.R. 1862-71 Trader.
Cooksley, Mrs. S.R. 1862-69 Wife of J.S. Cooksley.
Cooper, F. S.R. 1887 Traveller.
Cordon, Lt. - S.R. and (N.R.) 1889 Portuguese army officer, Governor of Vila de Zumbo.
Cory, - S.R. and N.R. 1887 Traveller.
Cotterill, H.B. Ny. 1876-77 Trader.
Coutinho, Lt. - Ny. 1889 Portuguese army officer.
Coutinho, José da Fonsesca S.R. 1694 Army commander.
COVERLEY, DR. S.R. and N.R. 1869-70 Miner and physician. Visited Victoria Falls.
Coward, Edward S.R. and N.R. 1868-70 Trader and transport rider.
Cowley, Richard S.R. and N.R. 1875 Trader and hunter.
Crawshay, Lt. Richard Ny. 1887-94 Hunter and mission layworker.
Creighton, R. Ny. 1884 On mission staff.
Crook, Dr. - S.R. 1879-81 Traveller.
Croonenberghs, Father Charles S.R. 1879-81 Missionary.
Cross, Alfred. (See page 41) S.R. and N.R. 1871-78 Hunter and trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Cross, Dr. Kerr N.R. and Ny. 1883-93 Missionary, physician.
Cross, Mrs. Kerr N.R. and Ny. 1887 Wife of Dr. Kerr Cross.
Cruickshank, James S.R. 1869-70 Trader.
Cunningham, - S.R. 1871 Trader.
Da Conceição, Father Manuel (N.R.) 1729 Missionary at Vila de Zumbo.
Da Costa, Joaquim N.R. 1878 Trader.
Dalton, John S.R. 1869-70 Miner.
Dardier, Dr. Auguste N.R. 1887-88 Missionary, physician.
DA SILVA, J N.R. and Ny. 1853-54 Bondsman or pombeiro of Silva Porto.
Davies, William S.R. 1869 Prospector.
Dawnay, The Hon. Guy C. S.R. and N.R. 1873 Traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
Dawson, James S.R. 1873-93 Trader.
DE ANDRADA, Col. PAIVA. (See pages 8 & 13) S.R. 1873-90 Portuguese administrator and explorer.
Deans, Alexander (Jack) S.R. 1875-88 Trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
De Mascarenhas, Father José (N.R.) 1811 Missionary at Vila de Zumbo.
Denny, C S.R. 1888-90 Travelled with C.D. Rudd.
Dent, Robert Ny. 1879 Sailor, African Lakes Corporation.
DEPELCHIN, FATHER HENRI. (See page 39) S.R. and N.R. 1879-82 Missionary. Visited Victoria Falls.
DE SADELEER, BROTHER FRANS S.R. 1879-82 Missionary.
De Santenna, José Anselmo N.R. 1860-61 Settler.
De Sequiera, Albino José N.R. 1836 In charge of evacuation of Feira de Zumbo.
De Souza, - Ny. 1889 Portuguese consular agent.
De Souza, Joao N.R. 1754 Commandant, Feira de Zumbo.
De Vylder, Brother Louis S.R. and N.R. 1879-83 Missionary. Visited Victoria Falls.
De Wit, Father Anthony S.R. 1880 Missionary.
Dickenson, Dr. John Ny. 1861-63 Mission physician.
Diniz, Jose' Pedro N.R. 1754 Commandant, Feira de Zumbo.
Diogo, Manoel N.R. 1877-78 Trader.
Dorehill, George D. S.R. and N.R. 1872-82 Trader and Hunter. Visited Victoria Falls.
Dorehill, Mrs. S.R. 1882 Wife of G.D. Dorehill.
Dores, Caetano Xavier dos N.R. 1836 Assisted in evacuation of Feira de Zumbo.
Doyle, Maj. Denis S.R. 1889-91 Interpreter and Rhodes' agent.
Drake, Fred S.R. 1873-75 Hunter, brother of Spencer Drake.
Drake, Spencer S.R. 1873-75 Hunter.
Drayton, Rev. G.E. Ny. 1863 Missionary.
Dreyer, J. Frederick S.R. 1888-89 C.D. Rudd's wagon driver.
Drummond, Professor Henry Ny. and N.R. 1883-87 Geologist.
Duncan, Henry S.R. 1869 Prospector.
Duncan, Jonathan Ny. 1878 Mission gardener.
Dunne, Lt. Edward Eyre S.R. 1888-97 Police officer and professional "conductor".
Du Plessis, - S.R. 1870 Hunter.
Durrant, -- S.R. 1889 Concession hunter.
Dyer, - S.R. 1854-66 Trader.
Dyonisio, - N.R. 19th Cent. Commandant, Feira de Zumbo.
Edgwood, Trooper -- S.R. 1888 Police escort.
Elliott, Rev. William Allan S.R. 1877-94 Missionary.
Elliott, Mrs S.R. 1877 Wife of Rev. Elliott.
Ellis, The Hon. Charles S.R. and N.R. 1870 Traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
Elmslie, Rev. Dr. W.A. S.R. and Ny. 1884-90 Medical missionary.
Elstob, J.D. S.R. 1869 Trader.
ELTON, CAPT. J. FREDERIC S.R. and Ny. 1870-77 Traveller and British Consul at Moçambique.
Engelbrecht, Cornelius S.R. 1870-80 Hunter.
Engelbrecht, Mrs. S.R. 1870-80 Wife of C. Engelbrecht.
Engelbrecht, Jan S.R. 1870-80 Hunter.
Engelbrecht, Mrs. S.R. 1870-80 Wife of J. Engelbrecht.
Engelbrecht, Michael S.R. 1870-80 Hunter. Father of Jan and Cornelius Engelbrecht.
Engels, Father Ferdinand S.R. and N.R. 1882 Missionary.
Erskine, St. Vincent Whitshead S.R. 1871-74 Traveller and surveyor.
Espirito Santo, Father Luis S.R. 1628-31 Missionary.
Exton, Dr. Hugh S.R. 1868 Physician, traveller.
Fairbairn, James. (See pages 35 & 55) S.R. 1872-94 Trader.
Fairlie, Lt. William Frederic Ny., S.R. and N.R. 1875-82 Traveller and artist.
Faulkner, Lt. Henry Ny. 1867-81 Accompanied Livingstone search expedition.
Fenwick, George Ny. 1876-84 Mission artisan and trader.
Fenwick, Mrs Ny. 1876-88 Wife of G. Fenwick. Mission worker.
FERNANDEZ, ANTONIO S.R. 1514-16 Trader and explorer.
Ferreira, Joao N.R. 1874 Trader.
File, John William S.R. 1887-89 Interpreter to concession hunters.
Finaughty, William S.R. and N.R. 1864-1917 Hunter, trader and settler.
Finlayson, - S.R. 1870 Trader.
Fitzgerald, Trooper -- S.R. 1887-88 Police escort.
Flanagan, John Henry S.R. 1887-1917 On Pioneer Roll.
Foot, Capt. C.E., R.N. S.R. 1884 First British Consul at Blantyre.
Foot, Mrs. S.R. 1884 Wife of Capt. C.E. Foot. R.N.
Foster, Richard Frederick S.R. and Ny. 1886-88 Traveller and trader.
Fountaine, A.C. S.R. 1887 Traveller.
Fourie, - S.R. 1870-71 Blacksmith.
Francis, Phil S.R. 1868 Hunter.
Francis, William Curl S.R. and N.R. 1864-88 Trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Francis, Mrs S.R. and N.R. 1875 Wife of W.C. Francis. Visited Victoria Falls.
Francisco, Anastario N.R. 1802-11 Trader. Travelled west to east across Africa.
Frank, - S.R. 1866 Hunter.
Frank, Levitt S.R. and N.R. 1875 Traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
Fraser, - S.R. 1870 Father of G. Wood's first wife and Mrs. McMaster.
Fraser, Mrs. S.R. 1870 Wife of Mr. Fraser.
Fredericks, Capt. Ny. 1884-85 Master of llala.
Freitas, - N.R. 1853 Trader.
French, R. S.R. 1875 Hunter and trader.
Frere, Rev. L.H. Ny. 1885 Missionary.
FREWEN, RICHARD. (See page 41) S.R. and N.R. 1877-78 Traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
Fry, Ivon S.R. 1888-1941 Son of J. L. Fry.
Fry, John Larkin S.R. 1887-88 Concession hunter.
Fry, Thomas S.R. and N.R. 1877-86 Trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Fry, W. Ellerton. (See pages 44, 45 & 72) S.R. and N.R. 1877-1900 Trader and geographer. Brother of T. Fry.
Gamble, Samuel A. Ny. 1861 Mission carpenter.
GAMITO, ANTONIO CANDIDO PEDROSO N.R. 1831 Portuguese army captain and traveller to Court of Kazembe.
Garden, J.L. S.R. and N.R. 1874 Hunter. Visited Victorla Falls.
Garden, Capt. S.R. and N.R. 1874 Traveller, brother of J. L. Garden. Visited Victoria Falls.
Garland, - S.R. and N.R. 1873 Traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
Gee, Stephen S.R. 1871 Wagon driver.
GIFFORD, JAMES S.R. and N.R. 1863-70 Hunter and trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Gilchrist, - S.R. 1873-75 Trader and hunter.
GIRAUD, LT. VICTOR N.R. 1883-84 Explorer.
Glyn, Capt. Rlchard George (later Sir Rlchard) S.R. and N.R. 1863 Traveller and hunter. Visited Victoria Falls. Brother of Capt. R. G. Glyn.
Goodall, Corporal -- S.R. 1889-90 Police escort.
Goodrich, Lawrence C. Ny. 1884-85 Assistant Consul at Blantyre.
Goold-Adams, Maj. (Later Sir Hamilton John). (See pages 34, 42 & 50) S.R. 1888-96 Soldier.
Gordon, George S.R. 1867-77 Trader.
Goulden, Jack (Goulding) S.R. 1877-79 Hunter.
Gourinho, Joaquim Andre (N.R.) 1882 Merchant trader at Vila de Zumbo.
Gowrie, -- S.R. 1888 Concession hunter.
Graca, Joaquim Rodrigues N.R. 1847 Traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
Graham, Trooper W. S.R. 1887-88 Police escort.
Grant, Henry S.R. 1869-93 Trader and hunter.
Greeff, Antonie Wilhelmus S.R. 1888 Trader.
Greeff, Frederick Charel S.R. 1877-93 Hunter.
Greeff, Mrs. S.R. 1884-92 Wife of F. C. Greeff.
Greeff, Martha (later Mrs. H. Lee) S.R. 1884 Daughter of F. Greeff.
Green, Frederick J. S.R. 1858-60 Hunter.
Greite, F. (See page 39) S.R. 1875-80 Trader.
Greite, Mrs. S.R. 1877-80 Wife of F. Greite.
Griete, August S.R. 1869-71 Miner.
Griffith, Rev. William N.R. and Ny. 1883-84 Missionary.
Griffiths, - S.R. 1870 Trader.
Grobler, Frederick S.R. 1888 Brother of P. D. C. J. Grobler.
Grobler, Pieter David Cornelius Johnnnes S.R. 1887-88 Representative of the Transvaal Government.
Groening, Willem S.R. 1887-88 Hunter.
Gunn, John Ny. 1876-80 Mission agriculturist.
Guthrie, David S.R. 1869 Prospector.
Guthrie, James S.R. 1869 Prospector.
Halyet, John S.R. 1873-88 Builder and ex-sailor.
Hammar, August S.R. & N.R. 1884 Land surveyor and traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
Hancock, William S.R. 1877-78 Wagon driver.
Harkess, - Ny. 1883 Mission engineer.
Harley, - S.R. 1870 Prospector.
Harmse, Christiaan S.R. 1866-68 Hunter. Died in Mashonaland.
Harmse, Mrs. S.R. 1866-68 Wife of C. Harmse.
Harmse, Misses S.R. 1866-68 Five daughters of C. Harmse who died in Mashonaland 1868.
Harmse, Christiaan, Jnr. S.R. 1866-71 Son of C. Harmse.
Harrington, W. John S.R. 1899 Prospector.
Harris, Dr. F. Rutherfoord. (See page 42) S.R. 1889 Accompanied Dr. L. S. Jameson.
Harris, Rev. John N.R. 1884-85 Missionary.
Harris, Oliver W. S.R. 1889 Prospector.
Hart, Miss S.R. 1888-90 Missionary, niece of Rev. W. A. Elliot.
Hartley, Henry. (See page 59) S.R. 1859-71 Hunter.
Hartley, Frederick S.R. 1866-70 Hunter. Son of Henry Hartley.
Hartley, Thomas S.R. 1866-70 Hunter. Son of Henry Hartley.
Hartley, William J. S.R. 1866-70 Hunter. Son of Henry Hartley. Died in Mashonaland.
Hartmann, Rev. Father Andrew M. (See page 47) S.R. 1888-1928 Missionary.
Hassforther, Ernst E. S.R. 1886-88 Trader and concession hunter.
Hassforther, -- S.R. 1888 Trader, son of E. E. Hassforther.
Hawes, A.G.S. Ny. 1885-88 Sewnd Consul at Blantyre.
Haynes, Lt. C.E. S.R. 1885 Soldier.
Heany, Maj. Maurice S.R. 1888-1927 Concession hunter.
Hector, - Ny. 1889 Employee, African Lakes Corporation.
HEDLEY, BROTHER JOSEPH S.R. 1879-81 Missionary.
Helm, Rev. Charles Daniel. (See pages 8, 34, 35 & 39) S.R. 1875-1915 Missionary.
Helm, Mrs. S.R. 1875-1913 Wife of Rev. Helm.
Helm, Alexis G. S.R. 1881 Son of Rev. Helm. Born in Matabeleland.
Helm, Annie Kate S.R. 1878 Daughter of Rev. Helm. Born in Matabeleland.
Helm, Balfour A. S.R. 1875 Son of Rev. Helm.
Helm, Erica Elise (Mrs Hepburn) S.R. 1880 Daughter of Rev. Helm. Born in Matabeleland.
Helm, Hedwig Louisa S.R. 1880 Twin Daughter of Rev. Helm. Died in infancy.
Helm, Jessie Constance (Mrs Hector Lovemore) S.R. 1875 Daughter of Rev. Helm.
Helm, Nora Delphina S.R. 1876 Daughter of Rev. Helm. Died in infancy.
Hemans, James Henry Emmanuel N.R. 1888-95 Missionary.
Hemans, Mrs. N.R. 1888-95 Wife of J. H. E. Hemans.
Henderson, Henry Ny. 1875 Lay missionary.
Henderson, Mrs. Ny. 1888-91 Wife of H. Henderson, sister of Dr. J. Bowie and Mrs. D. C. Scott.
Henderson, Robert Ny. 1878-89 Engineer, African Lakes Corporation.
Henry, Rev. Dr. Ny. 1887 Missionary, physician.
Hepburn, James Davidson S.R. 1873 Missionary.
Hepburn, Mrs S.R. 1873 Wife of J. D. Hepburn.
Herbst, Christiaan S.R. 1870-76 Hunter.
Hetherwick, Rev. Alexander Ny. 1883-92 Missionary.
Heurtebise, Father Ny, 1889 Missionary.
Hewitt, G.H. S.R. and N.R. 1865-76 Trader and hunter.
Hillier, "Nobby" S.R. 1870 Hunter.
Hinckleman, - Ny. 1886 Trader.
Hitchcock, George S.R. 1889 Mine storekeeper at Tati.
HOLUB, Dr. EMIL. (See page 41) S.R. and N.R. 1875-86 Physician, geographer and explorer. Visited Victoria Falls.
Holub, Mrs. Rosa N.R. 1886 Wife of Dr.Holub.
HOMEM, VASCO FERNANDEZ S.R. 1569-76 Soldier and administrator.
Hore, Capt. Edward Coode N.R. and Ny. 1880-84 Seaman in mission marine department.
Horn, W. (Father) S.R. and N.R. 1868-75 Hunter and trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Horn, W. (Son) S.R. and N.R. 1885 Hunter and trader.
Horner, Lewis S.R. 1876-77 Hunter and trader.
Hoste, Henry Francis. (See pages 44 & 48) Ny. 1877 Merchant navy officer: navigator.
Hübner, Adolf S.R. 1869-70 Prospector.
HUDSON, R. (See page 68) S.R.and N.R. 1869-75 Hunter and trader with Leask's party.
Hyland, Trooper "Paddy" J. Patrick S.R. 1888 Police escort.
Hynde, R. S. Ny. 1888 Mission teacher.
Hynde, Mrs. Ny. 1888 Mission worker, wife of R. S. Hynde.
Inman, - S.R.and N.R. 1885 Traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
IVANS, ROBERTO N.R. 1884 Portuguese naval officer and explorer.
Jacobs, David Johannes S.R. 1870 Hunter.
Jacobs, Mrs. S.R. 1860-70 Wife of David Jacobs and daughter of J. Lee.
Jacobs, Erasmus S.R. 1878 Hunter. Son-in-law of J.W. Viljoen.
Jacobs, Mrs. S.R. 1878 Wife of E. Jacobs and daughter of J.W. Viljoen.
Jacobs, Petrus S.R. 1854-80 Hunter. Father of D.J. Jacobs.
Jacobs, Mrs. S.R. 1872 Wife of P. Jacobs.
Jalla, Rev. Adolphe N.R. 1889-1940 Missionary.
Jalla, Rev, Louis N.R. 1887-93 Missionary.
Jalla, Mme. N.R. 1887-99 Wife of Rev. L Jalla.
Jalla, Marguerite N.R. 1888 Daughter of Rev. L Jalla.
Jameson, J. A. S.R. 1887 Traveller.
Jameson, J. S. S.R. 1880 Traveller and hunter. Brother of J. A. Jameson.
Jameson, Dr. Leander Starr. (See pages 8, 16-17 & 66) S.R. 1889 Rhodes' representative.
Jansen, - S.R. 1879 Trader.
Jansen, Mrs. S.R. 1879 Wife of Mr. Jansen, trader.
Jansen, - S.R. 1879 Child of Mr. Jansen, trader.
Jeanmairet, Rev. Dorwald Emile N.R. 1884-90 Missionary. Visited Victoria Falls.
Jeanmairet, Mrs. (Elise Coillard) N.R. 1877-90 Wife of Rev. D. Jeanmairet and niece of Rev. F. Coillard.
Jeanmairet, Eugenie Elise N.R. 1888-90 Daughter of Rev. D. Jeanmairet. Born in Barotseland.
Jeanmairet, Marguerite. (See page 39) N.R. 1886-88 Daughter of Rev. D. Jeanmairet. Born in Barotseland.
JEBE, PAUL S.R. 1868-70 Prospector and explorer.
Jeffreys, J. H. (See page 61) S.R. 1888-89 Prospector.
Jennings, James II S.R. 1862-71 Hunter. Father of George, John and William Jennings.
Jennings, George S.R. 1867-71 Hunter.
Jennings, John S.R. 1867-71 Hunter.
Jennings, William S.R. 1867-71 Hunter.
Jewell, R.J. S.R. 1869-71 Trader and prospector.
Joao, Brother Antonio de S. N.R. 1830 Missionary at Feira de Zumbo.
Johnson, Frank W. P. (later Sir Frank) S.R. 1887-90 Concession hunter.
Johnson, Rev. W. P. (later Archdeacon) Ny. 1880-1928 Missionary.
Johnston, George Ny. 1875 Mission carpenter.
Johnston, H. H. (later Sir Harry). (See pages 9 & 42) Ny. and N.R. 1889-96 H.M. Consul at Moçambique later Commissioner and Consul-General, Zomba.
Jolly, - S.R. and N.R. 1875 Trader.
Jones, Rev. David Picton Ny. and N.R. 1887-94 Missionary.
Jones, Mrs Ny. and N.R. 1887-94 Wife of Rev. D P. Jones.
JOSE, AMARO N.R. 1806-10 Pombeiro or bondsman of Lt.-Col. Francisco Honerata da Costa, Commander of theFairof Casenge in Angola.
Joubert, - S.R. 1870 Transvaal Republic Emissary.
Joubert, Frans Gerhard S.R. 1853 Hunter and trader. Brother of P. J. and J. A. Joubert.
Joubert, Jan Abraham S.R. 1853-57 Hunter and trader.
Joubert, Pieter Jacobus S.R. 1853 Hunter and trader.
Kallaway, R. S.R. and N.R. 1863 Mission carpenter.
Kennedy, - S.R. 1870 Hunter.
Kennedy, Mrs S.R. and N.R. 1879 Traveller to Victoria Falls.
KERR, WALTER MONTAGU S.R. and N.R. 1883-84 Explorer.
King,- S.R. 1870 Wagon driver.
Kingsley, - S.R. and N.R. 1877 Hunter. Visited Victoria Falls.
Kirton, Argent Blundell S.R. 1875-93 Trader. Brother of George Kirton.
Kirton, Mrs. (later Mrs. Kirkham) S.R. 1869 Wife of A. B. Kirton and daughter of Rev. T. M. Thomas.
Kirton, George S.R. and N.R. 1868-75 Trader.
Kirton, Mrs. S.R. 1875 Wife of G. Kirton.
Kisch, Daniel Montagu S.R. 1869-72 Trader.
KNIGHT-BRUCE, Bishop G. W. H. (See pages 15, 40 & 47) S.R. 1888 Missionary.
Knuttel, George S.R. and N.R. 1870 Trader.
Kroot, Father Barthelemy S.R. and N.R. 1882-85 Missionary.
KUSS, - S.R. 1881 Traveller with P. de Andrada.
Kydd, John Ny. 1887-93 Employee, African Lakes Corporation.
Lacy, George S.R. and N.R. 1868 Traveller to Victoria Falls.
Laing, John S.R. 1862 Ex-soldier in J. Chapman's service.
La Panouse, Vicomte de. (See page 55) S.R. 1884-96 Settler.
Law, Andrew N.R. and Ny. 1889-99 Employee, African Lakes Corporation.
LAW, FATHER AUGUSTUS HENRY. (See page 40) S.R. 1879-80 Missionary. Died at Umzila.
LAWS, Rev. Dr. ROBERT Ny. 1875-95 Medical missionary.
Lawson, - S.R. 1869-70 Trader.
Lea, Rev. George Henry N.R. and Ny. 1887 Missionary en route to England.
LEASK, THOMAS S.R. and N.R. 1866-70 Trader and hunter. Visited Victoria Falls.
Lechaptois, Father Ny. 1889 Missionary.
Lee, John (Johannes Lodewikus) S.R. 1862-91 Trader and early settler.
Lee, Mrs. S.R. 1863-70 First wife of John Lee. Died 1870.
Lee, Mrs. S.R. 1870 Second wife of John Lee. Sister of J. C. van Rooyen, hunter.
Lee, Abraham S.R. 1870 Son of John Lee. Born in Matabeleland.
Lee, Anna S.R. 1863 Daughter of John Lee.
Lee, Carl S.R. 1863 Son of John Lee.
Lee, Catherine S.R. 1863 Daughter of John Lee.
Lee, John S.R. 1863 Son of John (J.L.) Lee.
Lee, Hans (Johannes Jurgens) S.R. 1863-1939 Son of John Lee.
Lee, Karl S.R. 1863 Brother of John Lee.
Lee, Maria S.R. 1863 Daughter of John Lee.
Lee, Roelof Petrus S.R. 1870-88 Son of John Lee.
Lee, Sara Cecilia (Mrs. D. Jacobs) S.R. 1863 Daughter of John Lee.
Leeb, Ignatz N.R. 1886 Member of Dr. Holub's party.
Lenz, Dr. Oskar N.R. and Ny. 1886 Trans-African explorer.
Levert, Capt. Arthur Lionel S.R. 1869-71 Prospector.
Lindsay, - Ny. 1887-89 Employee, African Lakes Corporation.
LIVINGSTONE, Dr. DAVID. (See page 37) N.R., S.R. and Ny. 1851-73 Missionary and explorer. See also Zambezi Expedition.
Lorgbarn, S. S.R. and N.R. 1870 Trader.
Lottering, Francois Bernhardus S.R. 1845-47 Explorer. Probably the guide for Potgieter's Commando.
Lovemore, Henry Carrington S.R. 1889 Traveller.
Lowe, Walter Carey S.R. and N.R. 1876 Visited Victoria Falls with Musson.
Ludick (Ludeke), Barend Jacobus S.R. 1877 Hunter. Brother of W. and K. Ludick.
Ludiek (Ludeke), Karl S.R. 1877 Hunter.
Ludiek (Ludeke), Willem S.R. 1877 Hunter.
Lugard, Capt. F. D. (later Lord Lugard) Ny. 1888-89 Traveller and soldier.
McArthur, Gilbert S.R. 1877-89 Concession hunter, prospector.
McCabe, Joseph S.R. 1859-60 Trader.
McCall, - S.R. and N.R. 1877 Hunter and trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
McCarthy, Joseph S.R. 1888 Interpreter.
MacDonald, - S.R. 1870 Hunter.
MacDonald, John N.R. 1885-90 Trader.
MacDonald, Rev. J. Duff Ny. 1878-81 Missionary.
MacDonald, Mrs. Ny. 1878-81 Wife of Rev. J. D. MacDonald.
M'Ewan, William N.R. and Ny. 1881-82 Employee, African Lakes Corporation. Engineer on Stevenson Road.
McFayden, John Ny. 1875 Mission engineer.
McGillewie, Henry S.R. 1869-70 Hunter.
McGrath, - S.R. 1870 Army officer, traveller.
M'lntosh, Duncan S.R. 1869 Prospector.
Mackay, - Ny. 1876 Mission boatman.
Mackenzie, Miss Anne Ny. 1876 Tourist. Sister of Bishop Mackenzie.
Mackenzie, Bishop Charles Frederick Ny. 1861-62 Missionary.
Mackenzie, James Donald S.R. 1873-89 Concession hunter.
Mackenzie, John. (See pages 6 & 38) S.R. 1863 Missionary.
Mackenzie, Mrs. S.R. 1863 Wife of J. Mackenzie.
Mackenzie, Annie S.R. 1863 Infant daughter of J. Mackenzie.
Macklin, Dr. T. T. Ny. 1876-80 Medical missionary.
McLaughlin, Miss S. C. Ny. 1888-89 Mission nurse.
Macleod, Capt. Norman Magnus S.R. and N.R. 1875-76 Traveller and hunter. Visited Victoria Falls.
McMaster, Thomas S.R. and N.R. 1869-71 Hunter and trader.
McMaster, Mrs. S.R. 1869-71 Wife of T. McMaster. Daughter of Mr. Fraser.
McMaster, Euphemia S.R. 1870 Daughter of T. McMaster. Born in Matabeleland.
McMaster, - S.R. and N.R. 1870-89 Hunter and trader. Visited Victoria Falls. Son of T. McMaster.
M'Neil, Capt. Archibald S.R. 1869 Prospector.
Maddocks (Maddox), Thomas S.R. 1888-96 Prospector.
Madeira, Diogo Simões S.R. 1607-23 Trader.
Maguire, James Rochfort. (See pages 8, 18, 26, 30, 35 & 42) S.R. 1888-89 Rhodes' envoy with C. D. Rudd.
MAGYAR, LADISLAUS (N.R.) 1851 Traveller and geographer.
Maloney, Thomas S.R. 1866-70 Hunter: Stepson of H. Hartley.
Mandy, Frank S.R. 1870-88 Trader.
Maples, Ven. Chauncy (later Bishop) Ny. 1886-95 Missionary.
Marquard, George S.R. 1889 Cook.
Marston, Philip S.R. 1887 Hunter, brother of R Marston.
Marston, Richard S.R. 1887 Hunter. Died in Matabeleland.
Martin, George Frederick S.R. 1878-89 Trader.
Martin, Mrs. S.R. 1878-89 Wife of G. F. Martin.
Martin, Winifred (later Mrs. Leonard) S.R. 1878 Daughter of G. F. Martin.
Mather, Dr. Charles Benjamin N.R. 1888-95 Mission doctor.
MAUCH, CARL. (See pages 5, 7, 59 & 60) S.R. 1866-72 Prospector and geologist.
Maund, Lt. E. A. (See pages 8, 34, 42 & 59) S.R. 1885-89 Soldier. Concession seeker.
Maxwell, Maj. Thomas. (See page 66) S.R. 1889-91 Rhodes' representative.
Meintjies, -- S.R. 1887 Hunter.
Mello, José de Assumpaccaoé N.R. 1795 Trader.
Mendouça, Joaquim N.R. 1877 Trader.
Meneses, Diogo de Souso de S.R. 1635 Army commander.
Mercui, Father Ny. 1889 Missionary.
MEYER, KARL S.R. 1868-78 Hunter.
Middleton, George William S.R. and N.R 1885-92 Mission artisan and trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Miller, - Ny. 1884 Employee, African Lakes Corporation.
Miller, Archibald Ny. 1876 Mission artisan.
Miller, Edwin S.R. 1876-79 Hunter and trader.
Mills, J.W. Ny. 1887 Mission engineer.
MiIlwain, John Ny. 1884 Mission carpenter.
Mitchell, - S.R. 1870 Army officer, traveller.
Moffat, John Smith. (See pages 7, 33, 34, 38 & 66) S.R. 1859-91 Missionary. Son of Robert Moffat.Assistant Commissioner to United Kingdom Government, 1887-91.
Moffat, Mrs. J.S. S.R. 1859-65. Wife of J. S. Moffat.
Moffat, John Bruce S.R. 1863 Son of J. S. Moffat.
Moffat, Emily Ruth (later Lady Clarkson Tredgold) S.R. 1864 Daughter of J. S. Moffat.Born in Matabeleland.
Moffat, Livingstone S.R. 1860-65 Son of J. S. Moffat.First white child born in Matabeleland.
Moffat. Malcolm (later Rev.) S.R. 1888-1939 Secretary to his father J. S. Moffat.
Moffat, Mary Meta (later Mrs J. S. Loosley) S.R. 1862-65 Daughter of J. S. Moffat.Born in Matabeleland.
MOFFAT, ROBERT. (See pages 36, 37 & 38) S.R. 1854-60 Missionary.Founder of Inyati mission in 1859.
MÖHR, EDUARD. (See pages 34 & 41) S.R. and N.R. 1869-70 Traveller and prospector.Visited Victoria Falls.
MOIR, FREDERICK L MAITLAND Ny. and N.R. 1878-92 Trader. Founder, African Lakes Corporation.
Moir, Mrs. F. M. Ny. and N.R. 1885-92 Wife of F. L. M. Moir.
Moir, John William. (See page 42) Ny. and N.R. 1879-92 Trader. Founder, African Lakes Corporation.Brother of F. L. M. Moir.
Monteith-Fotheringham, L. Ny. 1887-88 Employee, African Lakes Corporation.
Montgomery, G. C. C. S.R. 1884 On Pioneer Roll.
Montgomery, Henry Martin S.R. 1869 On Pioneer Roll.
Moodie, G. B. Dunbar S.R. 1884 Traveller.
Moore, - S.R. and N.R. 1873 Trader and hunter.Visited Victoria Falls.
Moore, Henry Clay S.R. 1888-89 Concession hunter.
Moore, Peter N.R. and Ny. 1888-89 Agent for African Lakes Corporation.
Morrison, Fred Ny. 1884 Engineer, African Lakes Corporation.
Morrison, T. Ny. 1889 Employee, African Lakes Corporation.Brother of F. Morrison.
Murphy, - S.R. 1869 Trader.
Murray, Rev. Andrew C. Ny. 1888 Missionary.
Musson, Alfred S.R. and Ny. 1873-90 Trader.Visited Victoria Falls.
Napier, David S.R. 1868 Hunter.
Nelson, C. J. S.R. 1869-74 Mining engineer.
Nicoll, J. L. Ny. 1887-91 Clerk to African Lakes Corporation.
Niemand, Barend. S.R. 1876 Hunter.
Niemand, Mrs. S.R. 1876 Wife of B. Niemand.
Nigg, Brother Theodore S.R. 1879-82 Missionary.
Nisbet, James Ny. 1888-90 Employee, African Lakes Corporation.
Nutt, Trooper -- S.R. 1889-90 Police escort.
Oates, Frank. (See page 41) S.R. and N.R. 1873-75 Traveller and naturalist.Visited Victoria Falls.
Oates, William E. S.R. 1873 Traveller.Brother of F. Oates.
O'Connor, Thomas S.R. 1888-89 Prospector.
O'Donnell, James S.R. 1870 Hunter.
Ogden, Henry S.R. 1869-76 Miner and trader.
Ogilvie, Trooper O. Hollings SR. 1887-1930 Police escort.
O'Neill, Lt. Henry E. Ny. 1883-87 British Consul at Moçambique.
Oosthuizen, Pieter S.R. 1883 Hunter.
Osborne, Henry St. G. N.R. and S.R. 1863 Traveller to Victoria Falls.
OSWELL, WILLIAM COTTON N.R. 1851 Hunter.Visited Sesheke with Livingstone.
OWEN, L.M. S.R. and N.R. 1877-78 Traveller and hunter.
Pachecho, Albino Manoel N.R. 1861 Traveller to Feira de Zumbo.
Palmer, Grey S.R. and N.R. 1869-78 Trader.Visited Victoria Falls.
Palmer, Mrs. Grey S.R. 1875 Wife of G. Palmer.
Paravicini, Brother Pierre S.R. 1880-82 Missionary.
Patterson, Capt. R. R. S.R. 1878 Sportsman and British Envoy to Lobenguela. Died en route to Victoria Falls.
Pauling, H. N.R. 1887-88 Concession hunter.
Peden, Dr. -- Ny. 1884 Medical missionary.
Peebles, - N.R. 1888-89 Employee, African Lakes Corporation.
Pelly, Douglas R. Ny. 1888 Mission worker.
Pereira, Fransisco Guesdes N.R. 19th Cent. Commandant, Feira de Zumbo.
Petersen, H. S.R. 1873-89 Trader.
Pettit, - N.R. 1886 Trader and hunter.
PHILLIPS, GEORGE ARTHUR S.R. and N.R. 1864 Trader and hunter.
Pinnock, Trooper -- S.R. 1888 Police escort.
PINTO, Maj. ALEXANDRE ALBERTO DA ROCHE DE SERPA. (See pages 9 & 39) S.R., N.R. and Ny. 1878-86 Traveller.Visited Victoria Falls.
Pinto, José Daniel N.R. 19th Cent. Commandant, Feira de Zumbo.
Polson, George S.R. 1860 Hunter and trader.
Posselt, Harry S.R. 1888-89 Hunter and trader.Brother of T.W. Posselt.
Posselt, Theodore William S.R. 1888-1938 Hunter and trader.
POTGIETER, ANDRIES HENDRIK S.R. 1847 Commandant of Boer Commando which made a raid on the Matabele.
Potgieter, Petrus S.R. 1871-73 Hunter.
Poulton, Henry Jeffries S.R. 1854 Trader.
Powell, Trooper -- S.R. 1888-89 Police escort.
Powers, Edward S.R. 1869-70 Möhr’s personal servant.
Prestage, Father Peter. (See pages 40 & 45) S.R. 1887-1907 Missionary.
Pretorius, - S.R. 1862 Hunter.
Price, Rev. Roger S.R. 1883-84 Missionary accompanying mission deputation.
Pringle, - N.R. 1880 Lawyer and mission commissioner.
Proctor, Rev. Lovell James N.R. 1861-63 Missionary.
Proest, Brother S.R. 1880-82 Missionary.
Pulley, Lt. R.N. N.R. 1883 Explorer.
Querl, Trooper August S.R. 1888-1952 Police escort.
Ramsay, Dr. Ny. 1862 Naval doctor.
Rankin, Daniel N.R. and Ny. 1889 Trader.
Rankin, Rev. Dr. Ny. 1880 Mission commissioner.
Read, A. Ny. 1884 Mission engineer.
Reader, Henry S.R. andN.R. 1854-62 Trader and hunter. Visited Victoria Falls.
Reader, Mrs. S.R. andN.R. 1862 Wife of H. Reader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Reader, - S.R. andN.R. 1862 Child of H. Reader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Rees, Rev. Bowen S.R. 1888 Missionary.
Rees, Mrs. S. W. S.R. 1888 Wife of Rev. B. Rees.
Reid, Percy C. S.R. andN.R. 1885-95 Hunter and trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Reid, Robert Ny. 1879 Carpenter, African Lakes Corporation.
Renders, Adam S.R. 1868-71 Hunter.
Renny-Tailyour, E. R. S.R. 1888-89 Concession hunter.
Rhodes, Herbert Ny. 1876-80 Hunter, brother of C. J. Rhodes.
Riddell, Alexander Ny. 1875 Mission agriculturist.
Riley, James (Reilly) S.R. 1888-89 Concession hunter and adventurer.
Robertson, - S.R. andN.R. 1874-78 Traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
Robertson, Grant S.R. 1870 Miner.
Robertson, Trooper -- S.R. 1889-90 Police escort.
Robinson, - S.R. 1870 Trader.
Robinson, W. Ny. 1884 Engine fitter to mission.
Robson, B. L. S.R. 1869 Prospector.
Ronkesley, - S.R. 1880 Hunter.
Ross, Robert S. Ny. 1876 Mission artisan.
Ross, -- S.R. 1878 Hunter.
Rowland, Trumpeter -- S.R. 1888 Police escort.
Rowley, Henry Ny. 1861-63 Mission schoolmaster.
Roxborough, James N.R. 1883-85 Mission boat builder on Lake Tanganyika.
Roxby, Robert S.R. 1880 Trader.
Rudd, Charles Dunell. (See pages 8 & 35) S.R. 1888 Rhodes' envoy.
Rudd, Frank S.R. 1888 Son of C.D. Rudd.
Ruthven, R. S.R. 1880 Hunter.
Sadlier, T.V. S.R. 1872 Traveller and hunter.
Saltmarsh, Col. S.R. 1877 Traveller.
Saner, - S.R. 1870 Army officer, traveller.
Santos, Lt. José dos N.R. 19th Cent. Commandant, Feira de Zumbo.
Saunders, William S.R. 1869-70 Trader and hunter.
Schenderhutte, Stoffel S.R. and N.R. 1870-75 Trader and transport rider. Visited Victoria Falls.
Schultz, Dr. Aurel. (See page 42) S.R. and NR. 1884 Traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
Schweinitz, Count Friedrich von S.R. 1888 Hunter and traveller.
Scott, - S.R. and N.R. 1885 Traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
Scott, Rev. David Clement Ny. 1881-90 Missionary.
Scott, Mrs. Ny. 1881-90 Wife of Rev. D. C. Scott. Sister of Mrs. H. Henderson and Dr. J. Bowie.
Scott, Rev. L. Ny. 1887 Missionary.
Scott, Dr. W. Ny. 1883-84 Mission physician.
Scott, Mrs. Ny. 1883-84 Wife of Dr. W. Scott.
Scott, Trooper -- S.R. 1889-90 Police escort.
Scott, Rev. W. A. Ny. 1889-91 Medical missionary.
Scudamore, Rev. Henry Carter Ny. 1861-63 Missionary.
Sell, - S.R. and N.R. 1877-90 Trader.
Selous, Edmund S.R. and N.R. 1882 Traveller to Victoria Falls. Brother of F. C. Selous.
SELOUS, FREDERICK COURTENEY. (See pages 12, 15, 40 & 44) S.R. and N.R. 1872-96 Hunter, trader and naturalist. Visited Victoria Falls.
Sergeaunt, Lt. T. G. S.R. 1878 Traveller. Died en route to Victoria Falls
Sewell, Lt. -, R.N. Ny. 1862 Escort to mission party.
Sharpe, Alfred (later Sir Alfred). (See page 10) Ny. and N.R. 1887-99 Explorer and later administrator.
Sharrer, E. C. A. Ny. 1889-93 Planter.
Shawe, Trooper -- S.R. 1887-88 Police escort.
Sheriff, G. Ny. 1886 Captain of mission steamer.
Shippard, Sir Sidney Godolphin Alexander. (See pages 8, 11, 34 & 42) S.R. 1888 Administrator of Bechuanaland.
Simões, Antonio N.R. 1878 Trader.
Simpson, Allen C. Ny.. 1875 Mission engineer.
Skinner, Peter S.R. 1874 Trader.
Smidt, - S.R. 1869-77 Hunter.
Smidt, Mrs. S.R. 1870-75 Wife of Smidt, hunter.
Smidt, - S.R. 1870-75 Son of Smidt, hunter.
Smidt, - S.R. 1870 Son of Smidt, hunter.
Smith, - Ny. 1888-89 Employee, African Lakes Corporation.
Smith, John A Ny. 1888 Mission teacher.
Smith, Mrs. Ny. 1888 Wife of J. A. Smith, mission worker.
Smith, Phillip S.R. 1866 Hunter and trader.
Smythies, Rev. Charles Alan (later Bishop) Ny. 1885-89 Missionary.
Solla, Lt. Auguste de Fonesca de Mesquita N.R. 1889-99 Traveller.
Sousa, Felisberto Guedes N.R. 1886 Trader.
Spearman, G. S.R. 1869-70 Prospector.
Spearman, John S.R. 1869-70 Prospector. Brother of G. Spearman.
Stanley, Henry Morton (later Sir Henry) N.R. 1875 Explorer and geographer.
Starkey, John R. S.R. and N.R. 1887 Traveller.
Steere, Rev. Edward (later Bishop Steere) Ny. 1863 Missionary.
Stevens, George H. S.R. 1889 Charter Company agent.
STEWART, JAMES. (See page 68) Ny. and N.R. 1876-83 Missionary, engineer to African Lakes Corporation.
Stewart, Rev. Dr. James Ny. 1862-77 Missionary. Cousin of engineer James Stewart.
Stewart, John S.R. 1867-69 Hunter.
Stone, W. S.R. 1869-70 Trader.
Streeter, -- S.R. 1889 Concession hunier.
Stromboom, Jan Oscar S.R. and N.R. 1873-87 Trader.
Struben, Alexander Betts S.R. 1867 Traveller.
Sutherland, James Ny. 1882-84 Mission artisan.
Swann, Alfred J. Ny. and N.R. 1883-93 Seaman to mission marine department.
Swann, Mrs. N.R 1888-93 Wife of A. J. Swann.
Swart, Pieter S.R. 1876 Hunter.
Swartz, Lucas Martinus S.R. and N.R. 1861-77 Hunter. Visited Victoria Falls.
Swartz, Mrs. S.R. 1877 Wife of L. M. Swartz.
Swinburne, Sir John. (See page 59) S.R. 1869-70 Prospector.
Swinburne, U. P. S.R. 1888 Concession hunter.Son of Sir John Swinburne.
Swinny. Rev. G. H. Nv. 1885 Missionary.
Swinny, Mrs. Ny. 1885 Wife of Rev. G. H. Swinny.
Swinny, M. Ny. 1885 Infant daughter of Rev. G. H. Swinny.
Sykes, William. (See page 38) S.R. 1859-87 Missionary.
Sykes, Mrs. W. (See page 38) S.R. 1861-87 Second wife of W. Sykes.
Sykes, Arthur S.R. 1864 Son of W. Sykes. Born in Matabeleland.
Sykes, Simon Joseph S.R. 1866 Son of W. Sykes. Born in Matabeleland.
Sykes, Theodore S.R. 1871 Son of W. Sykes. Born in Matabeleland and died in infancy.
Tainton, William J. (See page 41) S.R. 1871-93 Hunter, trader. Agent of Charter Company.
Tanner, Mrs. Ny. 1889 Mission worker.
Taylor, Mrs. "Bulala" S.R. 1880 Wife of Capt. A. Taylor. First husband A. Wolfenden.
Taylor, James. (See page 67) S.R. 1865-78 Trader.
Taylor, Robert S.R. and N.R. 1878 Trader.
Teixeira, Alexandre da Silva N.R. 1795 Trader.
Temming, Father John B. S.R. 1888 Missionary.
TEROERDE, FATHER ANTOINE S.R. and N.R. 1879-80 Missionary. Died at Mwemba.
Thakery, - S.R. 1878 Hunter.
Thelwall, W.B. Ny. 1876 Artist.
Thomas, - S.R. and N.R. 1888 Hunter and trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Thomas, Mrs. S.R. and N.R. 1888 Wife of Mr. Thomas. Visited Victoria Falls.
THOMAS, THOMAS MORGAN. (See page 38) S.R. and N.R. 1859-84 Missionary.
Thomas, Mrs. T.M. (See page 38) S.R. 1859-62 First wife of T.M. Thomas.
Thomas, Mrs. T.M. S.R. 1864-89 Second wife of T.M. Thomas.
Thomas, Annie Mary S.R. 1862 Daughter of T.M. Thomas. Born and died in Matabeleland, 1862.
Thomas, Annie Mary (later Mrs. J.O. Hamm) S.R. 1877 Daughter of T.M. Thomas. Born in Matabeleland.
Thomas, Caroline (Mrs. A.B. Kirton) (later Mrs. Kirkham) S.R. 1869 Daughter of T.M. Thomas. Born in Matabeleland.
Thomas, Catherine Margaret S.R. 1879 Daughter of T.M. Thomas. Born in Matabeleland.
Thomas, David S.R. and N.R. 1860-86 Son of T.M. Thomas. Born in Matabeleland. Trader. Murdered on the Zambezi by Batonka.
Thomas, Ebenezer S.R. 1868-77 Son of T.M. Thomas. Born in Matabeleland.
Thomas, Evan Morgan S.R. 1859-78 Son of T.M. Thomas. Born in Matabeleland. Died en route to Victoria Falls.
Thomas, Gwenny Anne (later Baroness von Ahlfeldt). S.R. 1866 Daughter of T.M. Thomas. Born in Matabeleland.
Thomas, John Miles S.R. 1882 Son of T.M. Thomas. Born in Matabeleland.
Thomas, Samuel Elliot S.R. 1872-79 Son of T.M. Thomas. Born in Matabeleland.
Thomas, Sydney Earnest Caldwell S.R. 1881 Son of T.M. Thomas. Born in Matabeleland.
Thomas, Thomas Morgan S.R. 1875 Son of T.M. Thomas. Born in Matabeleland.
Thomas, William Elliot. (See pages 53 & 67) S.R. 1865-1944 Son of T.M. Thomas. Born in Matabeleland.
Thomas, Steve S.R. 1889 Miner.
Thomas, William S.R. 1870 Trader.
Thompson, Backhouse S.R. 1889 Assistant to his brother F. R.Thompson.
Thompson, Francis Robert "Matabele". (See pages 8 & 35) S.R. 1888-89 Rhodes envoy with C.D. Rudd.
Thompson, Rev. R. Wardlaw S.R. 1883-84 On deputation to mission.
Thomson, Rev. John Boden. (See page 39) S.R. 1870-77 Missionary.
Thomson, - S.R. 1877 Son of Rev. J.B. Thomson.
Thomson, Mrs. S.R. 1870-77 Wife of Rev. J.B. Thomson.
Thomson, William S.R. 1873-75 Son of Rev. J.B. Thomson. Died in infancy.
THOMSON, JOSEPH. (See pages 10 & 42) Ny. and N.R. 1879-91 Traveller and explorer.
Tomory, Dr John Kay N.R. and Ny. 1887-88 Mission physician on route to Tanganyika.
Tozer, Bishop W.G Ny. 1863-64 Missionary.
Trevor, Tudor S.R. 1889 Traveller.
Trivier, Capt. E Ny. and N.R. 1887-89 Traveller, walked across Africa from west to east.
Truscott, James S.R. 1874-78 Trader and hunter.
Ussher, W.F S.R. 1886-93 Trader and concession hunter.
van der Berg, Hans S.R. 1877 Hunter.
Van Rooyen, Johannes Cornelius S.R. 1874-1915 Hunter.
Van Rooyen, Mrs S.R. 1888 Wife of J.C van Rooyen.
Vane, Charles S.R. 1888-89 Trader.
van Rooyen, -- S.R. 1874-95 Hunter, father of J.C. van Rooyen
van Rooyen, Mrs. S.R. 1875-95 Second wife of Mr. van Rooyen. Sen.
van Wyk, Trooper G. B. S.R. 1887-88 Police escort.
van Zyl, -- S.R. 1887 Hunter.
Vaughan-Williams, H.W S.R. and N.R. 1889 Traveller. Visited Victoria Falls.
Vermaak, Solomon. (See page 60) S.R. 1876-88 Hunter.
Vermaak, Mrs S.R. 1877 Wife of S. Vermaak.
VERVENNE, BROTHER ARNOLD S.R. and N.R. 1880-82 Missionary. Visited Victoria Falls.
Viljoen, Jan Willem. (See page 40) S.R. 1857-80 Hunter.
Viljoen, Mrs S.R. 1857-80 Wife of J.W. Viljoen.
Viljoen, Miss S.R. 1878 Daughter of J.W. Viljoen.
Viljoen, George S.R. 1865 Son of J.W. Viljoen.
Viljoen, H S.R. 1878 Hunter, Son J.W. Viljoen.
Viljoen, Mrs S.R. 1878 Wife of H. Viljoen.
Vincent, - S.R. 1874 Trader.
VON WISSMANN, HERMANN N.R. and Ny. 1886-87 Explorer.
Vorster, Barend S.R. 1877-90 Hunter.
Waddell, William Thomson N.R. and S.R. 1885-88 Mission artisan. Visited Victoria Falls.
Waller, Horace Ny. 1864-63 Lay missionary, later ordained.
Walsh, Alexander S.R. and N.R. 1875-99 Trader and ornithologist. Visited Victoria Falls.
Ware, Harry. (See pages 10 & 48) S.R. and N.R. 1876-89 Trader and prospector. Visited Victoria Falls.
Warner, L.O Ny. 1888 Mission layworker.
Watson, Frank H. S.R and N.R. 1885-91 Trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Watson, Richard S.R. 1870 Trader.
Watson, William G. S.R. 1869-70 Trader.
Wauchope, Isaac Ny. 1877 Mission artisan.
Webster, - S.R. and N.R. 1875-76 Trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
WEHL, FATHER CHARLES. (See page 40) S.R. 1880-81 Missionary. Died at Sofala.
Weigall, Rev. S. Ny. 1887 Missionary.
WESTBEECH, GEORGE. (See page 62) S.R. and N.R. 1863-88 Trader and hunter. Visited Victoria Falls.
Westbeech, Mrs. S.R. and N.R. 1875-77 Wife of G. Westbeech. Visited Victoria Falls.
Weyers, Jan P. S.R. and N.R. 1880-88 Hunter and trader.
Whitaker, John H. S.R. 1884 Traveller. Died in Malabeleland
White, - S.R. 1866 Trader.
Wienand, Trooper Robert Hildewig S.R. 1889-1960 Police escort.
Wiese, Carl Ny. and N.R. 1889-98 Trader.
Wilkinson, J. Fenwick S.R. 1866 Hunter and trader.
Wilkinson, Patrick S.R. and N.R. 1875 Trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Williams, J. Ny. 1887 Mission layworker.
Williams, Ralph Ch. (later Sir Ralph Williams) S.R. and N.R. 1883 Traveller to Victoria Falls.
Williams, Mrs. (later Lady William S.R. and N.R. 1883 Wife of Mr. R. C. Williams. Traveller to Victoria Falls.
Williams, Geoffrey S.R. and N.R. 1883 Son of R. C. Williams. Traveller to Victoria Falls.
Williams, W. Ny. 1889 Engine fitter to mission.
Williams, William S.R. 1871 Trader and hunter.
Willmore, - S.R. and N.R. 1874 Trader.
Wills, Alexander S.R. 1869 Prospector.
Wilson, Benjamin "Matabele" S.R. 1888-1922 Trader and concession hunter.
Wilson, Capt. - Ny. 1862 Naval officer.
Wolfenden, A. S.R. 1884-85 Trader. Mrs."Bulala" Taylor's first husband.
WOOD, GEORGE S.R. and N.R. 1866-82 Hunter and trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Wood, Mrs. S.R. 1866-70 First wife of G. Wood. Daughter of Mr. Fraser.
Wood, Mrs. S.R. 1880-82 Second wife of G. Wood.
Wood, - SR. 1870 Infant child of G. Wood.
Wood,- S.R. 1882 Infant child of G. Wood.
Wood, Col. Joseph Garbett S.R. 1887-88 Concession hunter.
Wood. Swithin S.R. 1869-98 Hunter. Brother of G. Wood
Wood, Thomas S.R. 1866-68 Hunter and trader.Half-brother to G. Wood.
Woodward, Miss M. E. Ny. 1888-89 Mission layworker.
Wright, Rev. Robert Stewart Ny. and N.R. 1887-1900 Missionary.
Wynand, Karel S.R. 1878-86 Hunter.
Xavier, José Agostina N.R. 1860 Trader
YOUNG, Mr. EDWARD D., RN. (later Lt.) Ny. 1863-77 Leader of mission party. See also Zambezi Expedition.
Yule, James B. N.R. and Ny. 1889-92 Employee, African Lakes Corporation.
Zavier, Manoel Baptista de Costa N.R. 19th Cent. Commandant, Feira de Zumbo.
ZIETMANN, PAUL S.R. and N.R. 1868-75 Hunter and trader. Visited Victoria Falls.
Zietmann, Mrs. S.R. 1870 Wife of P. Zietmann.
Zoldner, Oswald S.R. and N.R. 1885-86 Member of Dr. Holub's party.

References in the British South Africa Company Historical Catalogue & Souvenir of Rhodesia
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