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Dave Cooper

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Dave Cooper
Nickname(s): Dawie van der Bliksem
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Dave's Time in Northern Rhodesia / Zambia

Formerly of: Johannesburg, Maltby, Yorkshire, Nkana-Kitwe, Kansanshi, Long Beach, California, San Francisco, Sydney, London, Amsterdam Years in NR/Zambia: 1952 to 1964
Schools: Prince Charles, Riverain, Kitwe Boy's High School Sports and activities: Swimming, bicyling, kayaking
Companies: Dept of Corrective Services NSW, AT and T, AES Data, Pacific Telesis, Soferval, IBM Cadam, Autodesk, Canon Criterion, Claudius Translations

Dave's Narrative

Before Federation, I lived in Fife Avenue, Nkana, then in the Bush at Kansanshi. When Northern Rhodesia joined the Federation, we returned to Nkana and moved into 136 Geddes Street, across from Riverain Primary School.

My dad was Horace "Sam" Cooper (now deceased), and worked for Rhokana. My mum, Chris, played golf; later to become Rhodesia women's national champion when the family lived at Salisbury during the 1970's. I did not; I was attending university in California.

After completing uni, I emigrated to Australia in 1972 to live on the waterfront at Balmain in Sydney. In the mid-1980's, I worked and lived in central London for a Canadian computer firm. I have been an online Help author (technical writer), specialising in computer-aided design (CAD) and 3d graphic modelling and design since 1987.

I started creating this website in 1995 and completed in 1996. I never realised that it would become what it has! It was just a lark attempt to get proficient with HTML and to perhaps as a "shot in the dark" find some long lost friends!

Without Craig, Arthur and Heather helping, I would've sadly closed the GNR down some years ago. My sincere thanks to these people.

I had lived in the United States for a long time (only because of family and work obligations, not because of choice), but more happily now, I live at Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

There are lots of photos of my family in various copies of the Rhokana Review.

People Dave is looking for

Marnie Serouw
Ronnie Engelbrecht
Terry White
Tony Boosey
Russell Boosey
David Crapper
Merle Brazier
Paul Byrd
Mervin Byrd
Richard Marlowe
John Marlowe
Rudyard Glass
Hannes Myburgh
Dion Nieuwoudt
Luette Nieuwoudt
Marinda Nieuwoudt
Ronelle van Niekerk
Letitia Stander
Richard Stavrou
Mark Revill
Wendy Wadham
Sally Potgieter
Kiep Nieuwoudt
Berta Nieuwoudt
Bubbles van Niekerk
Baby van Niekerk
Ronel van Niekerk
Estelle Wessels
Boet Wessels
Robin Glass (Rudyard Glass's broer)
Sandy Glass (Rudyard Glass's sis)

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Other Information

Date joined: Before April 2nd, 2002 Date updated: December 6th, 2008
Status: Site moderator.

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18 March 2015


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